Monday, January 26, 2009

My ramblings

It's been awhile since I had written anything on my blog and since today is Chinese New Year, I am on leave today until Wednesday. So before I forget I would like to wish all the Chinese readers "Happy and Prosperous New Year" on this year of the Ox.

On Saturday I watched "Slumdog Millionaire" on DVD, don't ask me how I got the the copy of the DVD. My take on the movie is that I liked it and the soundtrack was good. What I liked about the story line was that it was based on the experience of Jamal who is from the slum and how he learnt everything that one has to know through the harsh reality of his existence.

Whenever I was flying into Mumbai, I can see the slums (Asia's largest) which shares the common boundary wall of the Mumbai Airport. I have also seen beggars in Hyderabad carrying babies in order to beg for more money based on the sympathy from the public. And I knew that these babies were actually for hire and the beggars are part of a syndicate (this was depicted in the movie).

On my work front, things don't look that rosy as the new management in my company is controlling us with a whip. The old staff is not given their due credit for the work (which I don't mind) but we are being pushed around like a football. I am multitasking and I am seriosly contemplating on looking for a new job even if the pay is lower. All I want at this point of time is 'job satisfaction' and not be treated like dirt. And I also know that if I leave now, most of the work that I do would be jammed up. Sometimes I feel someone should teach them a lesson and people are the assets of the company too and they should be treated with respect, money is not everything in life.

I am going to use this holidays to reflect and contemplate on my next move in my career and also to put my foot down. I guess enough is enough and I should test the waters by giving in my resignation letter on my Directorship for three companies that I am appointed.

Guess I will stop here ortherwise I would be whining about my predicament on this blog which has no end and I hope to hear your comments or suggestions on what I should do.


Renu said...

About beggars, this is very sad that they use babies to beg, making the whole world cynical by not believing in them.
Though i am not a working person, but i have seen that life is always a roller coaster ride, and at times like these one needs lot of patience and as soon as one gets BETTER OPPORTUNITY...get out of this mess, but never for anything.

Sukku said...

Thanks for the advice but sometimes I feel that I just should tender my resignation and then search for another job as I still sitting in my comfort zone and not really trying that hard...

Renu said...

I have always found that it is much easoier to change a job thanget one sitting at home:), better do whatever makes you comfortable:)
Wish u all the best !

Sukku said...

Well I am going to look aggressively after this Chinese New Year break..