Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Sunday writing

A lot has changed in my life over the last few days.
1. I have left Econpile (M) Sdn. Bhd as a General Manager and my last day of work was on 13.10.2010
2. I joined Borneo Geotechnic as a Senior Manager and started work on 15.10.2010
3. My office is in Damanasara Perdana and the office block is new and the area is very presentable.
4. I have booked for a brand new Toyota Altis 1.8G and hopefully I should take delivery by the end of this week or 1st week of November 2010.
5. Sad to leave my old friends at Econpile.
6. It was like a reunion at Borneo Geotechnic as most the staff were my friends about 10 to 15 years ago.
7. I am relaxed now and my stress level has decreased.
8. Company had issued a new laptop by Dell Inspiron i.3
9. I am contemplating on deactivating my facebook account.
10. Should spend more time on Blogger blogging.

A lot of changes in my life and I know we are destined to follow what is laid down for us. And I have entered the new phase in my life and I know that I have to start slowing down and take things easy. Btw my birthday is just around the corner.


Renu said...

Changes always bring a new dimension to your life..Here is wishing you all the best and good luck in your new job!!!

Sukku said...

Thank you Renu...and I am happy with my new job.

ricky said...

Hi Sukku,

Its good to see that you're more relaxed now, less stressed out. The good thing is your're given a free hand to organise and run your team the way you see fit, that's what you're good at, slow and steady, meticulous and organised. I believe you'll do fine.

Changes happen for a reason, new opportunities come, seize it, work on it and you'll achieve what you want.