Monday, November 8, 2010

Week to remember

How do I start this? Well a lot had happened last week and to top the list for me is that I got my new car, Toyota Altis 1.8 G with the new engine Dual VVTi. The car looks sporty and the interior is just fantastic. I am surely enjoying my ride to the office and also the smell of the new car. It did cost me a bomb to purchase this new car, but sometimes I say to myself, don’t I deserve to be rewarded for all the hard work that I have put in all these years.
I am already 50 years old now, and how many years do I have left? Well with my CABG done, I reckon I should be having another 10-15 years without any heart problems! But if it is something else then I wont be able to say.
I had a nice long weekend holidays due to Deepavali(Diwali) and I really took things easy. I had a weeding dinner that I attended on 06.11.2010, my ex-collegue got married and the dinner reception was held at the Chinese Restaurant. I have a picture of the suckling pig that was served as one of the dishes, but I had to skip it as it is not good for my health after my CABG. I had a couple of glasses of red wine, tried sitting on it for awhile as they keep topping it up as though we were drinking water.
I was with my close friend at the wedding dinner and he drove back from Penang. And I had a chance to meet up with all my ex-collegues too. The food was good and I guess most of them would have got drunk with the liquor, what more would anyone ask for?

I took my Sunday easy and I didn’t go for my morning walk, guess I was tired after the wedding dinner and the wine. And in the evening I was watching Inception and I still haven’t finished watching the movie yet. Got to watch it slowly as it is a movie which has a lot of dreams within dreams. 

My new Toyota Altis 1.8G

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

                                             My birthday cake at office. What a surprise!!!

                                   Suckling Piglet served at the wedding dinner. It looked sad...


Lee said...

Hi Sukku, thats a beautiful car. Love the name too.
Nice blog you have.....
And I have not eaten sucking pig I think 25 years! Ha ha.
You have a pleasant week and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

Lee said...

Sukku, I was looking at your car I forgot....Many happy returns of the day! A birthday is just another 365 day trip around the sun, so enjoy the trip.
Happy birthday and wishing you many more to come with lots of laughter and good health.....Lee.

Sukku said...

Thanks Lee and you too have a nice blog. Are a Singaporean by any chance? Well the suckling pig was a temptation but I have to stay away from fats after my CABG, but I had a tiny weeny piece. Well the car is great and I am enjoying my rides..