Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year resolution

The New Year is just around the corner and I am sure 2008 has been a rather hectic and memorable year as many things had happened globally. A lot had surely happened for me and I am back home for good after spending many years overseas. Now here is my wish list and I am sure you too have a wish list or a new year resolution. Here goes nothing:

1. To look for a new job.

2. To reduce my weight and hence my tummy.

3. To take a vacation with my family this year.

4. To do up my house.

5. To stay cool with my staff at office.

6. To drink plenty of water.

7. To stay away from fried food.

8. To smoke less.

9. To drink less.

10. To unwind and de stress quickly.

I have picked only 10 items that I want to work on and they may seem trivial but I guess I have to start somewhere.

So would you care to share your New Years resolution with me.


Renu said...

good resolutions and wish u all the best to keep them !

Sukku said...

Thank you and I hope to honour it myself.

Anonymous said...

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Sukku said...

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