Monday, June 15, 2009

Last day of work

Well today is finally my last day in my office. How does it feel to part with something that has been a part of life for the past 18 years? I have a sinking feeling feeling in my stomach and I am thinking to myself, 18 years of my life was wasted on a company that doesn't give a damn whether you exist or not. I have handed over my files and in the afternoon would be handing over my phone SIM card and my Toyota HiLux. Does it have to end this way? I have made millions for the company and the sort of gratitude that is shown here, my advice to others is ....detach yourself from the company as everything boils down to money and if you have found a better offer or if you feel that the company doesn't care for you, then leave and jump to a company that offers you better working atmosphere. Loyality doesn't pay these days and see what the other side is offering you and you make the best out of it.

Tomorrow I will drive down to the Southern State of Johor to start work and it's the same life for me all over again, away from home and back to travelling and living a bachelors life. I guess it's back to my books and my blogs again.

So wish me luck.


Reflections said...

We have this famous saying in S. India "Whatever happened, happened for the good,
whtever is happening is also happening for the good,
whtever happens in future will also happen for the good"
[umm...I've gone & confused myself with all the happenings;-P]

Actually meant to say Congrats on ur new job!!!!!!

Sukku said...

Thanks and the new job is very hectic. I have no time to blog due to the heavy work load