Monday, September 14, 2009

My wish list

My operation day is getting closer by the day. I know it is something that I shouldn't be worried as the operation is for my own good. There are certain things that I have on my head which I would like to put it down in writing, so that I can reflect on what I was thinking before the triple bypass and how I would look at things later:

1. Would I be able to sustain myself with the same position with any company?

2. Do I have to slow down my activities?

3. Would I be able to earn as much as I am earning now?

4. I would love to live for at least another 20 years after my bypass.

5. I would love to be there for my son's graduation in Moscow.

6. I would love to buy another house as I am selling the present house.

7. Would I be successful if I start my own company so that I can work at my own pace.

8. Would I be happy if I change my line of work?

9. Would I stay away from the junk food, cigarettes, drinks, etc...

10. Would I be a wiser person after all this and offer help and advise to others?

To many questions....but let me answer them maybe 6 months from today......what do you say?

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