Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hateful Words Hurt

Sticks and Stone may break my bones, but words (will never hurt me) can kill.

I am sure most of us would have gone through this in our lifetime. But why do we get hurt with words and human beings as a species would kill for, just to prove their point in a heated argument. Why do we always have to be right? Can’t we just ignore the words as it is nothing but a vibration created by us and let us assume that you say something nasty to a bushman as you are angry with him and curse him with the choicest English words, now what would his reaction be. He won’t even be perturbed by what you say as he doesn’t understand a word of English. I guess we could even emulate what the bushman did, just ignore the words and think of it as a vibration. Don’t give importance to it if you don’t want to get hurt.

Let me give you an example; it’s like when you push your fist against a wall and since there is resistance, you can’t push it and after sometime, you would feel the pain from the stress of pushing it. But if the wall moves as you push it by not offering any resistance, you won’t feel the hurt in pushing the wall. So I guess we should be like the wall, don’t offer any resistance to hateful words. The problem starts when we react and feel hurt, but again the feelings and emotions are within our control and why should we waste it on others. We should have the courage to just walk away from it.

I guess with a little practice, you would be able to master this technique and find that you would have a peaceful existence on this planet as hateful words would not be able to penetrate through you to cause you pain or hurt.


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