Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our time here...

They say that when we came out into this world, we were crying as the whole world was rejoicing. That is how our grand entry is into this world, unlike the space shuttle, which will be heating up and if the heat resistant panels are not in place, it would burn and disintegrate during entry. We bring joy to our parents and we were like parasites at birth, eat, sleep, shit and you name it but we were the little bundle of joy. I still can remember, the birth of my first son, what immense joy it was, being a parent. And the joys of watching him grow and I guess this is how life is pretty much the same for all of us.
What we do from birth until we die, the journey that we call life is what makes the difference, when we die, whether the whole world would cry meaning our loved ones and friends and would we be in a state of bliss, rejoicing to the fact that we lived a full and meaningful life? Or are we bitter with our time here! It's all upto us to make the difference.
Do you ever take time to ponder, how your time is being utilised here on this planet. Did you make your journey a worthwhile one; have you touched others emotionally during you journey and were you a source of inspiration to others? Have you learned from the bad experience that you had? Did you analyze the reason behind your misfortunes?
The journey of life is never a smooth one, everyone would at any given point of time, would experience a rough patch or as they say go through a bad spell. I did have my share of bad spell, but I have learned a lot from that experience. I believe, we are presented with valuable lessons and we have to go through the rough patch in order for us to mature and move on to a higher level in life. So that newer lessons could be entrusted and we can enrich our souls and empathize with others.
So my question to you is, did you spend your time wisely and even if you didn’t, have you learned from your mistakes? So why don’t you spend some time to see what your problems are? You would see that the basic root cause of all your problems is and will be the same, until and unless you learn to overcome it, it keeps repeating itself.

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