Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not character but consciousness

This paragraph is taken from the book Joy: The Happiness that comes from within by Osho.
I don’t believe in character at all. My trust is in consciousness. If a person becomes more conscious, naturally his character is transformed. But transformation is totally different: it is not managed by the mind – it is natural, it is spontaneous.
Lu Ting ate at a Greek restaurant because Papadopoulos, the owner, made really good fried rice. Each evening he would come in and order “flied lice”. This always caused Papadopoulos to fall down with laughter. Sometimes he would have two or three friends standing nearby just to hear Lu Ting order his “flied lice.”
Eventually the Chinese’s pride was so hurt that he took a special diction lesson just to be able to say “fried rice” correctly.
The next time he went to the restaurant he said very plainly, “Fried rice, please.”
Unable to believe his ears, Papadopoulos asked, “What did you say?”
Lu Ting shouted, “You heard what I said, you Gleek plick!”
It won't make much difference - from "flied lice" now it is "Gleek plick"! You close one door, another immediately opens. This is not the way of transformation.
To change your character is easy; the real work consists in changing your consciousness, in becoming conscious – more conscious, more intensely and passionately conscious. When you are conscious it is impossible to be angry, it is impossible to be greedy, it is impossible to be jealous, it is impossible to be ambitious.
And when all anger, greed, ambition, jealousy, possessiveness, lust, disappear the energy involved in them is released. That energy becomes your bliss.

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