Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A quiet day for packing

Yes I finally got myself to do the packing this morning and I have already packed one suitcase with my stuff and the hand luggage is for my office stuff and electronic items. I have to squeeze my RBK walking shoes which is very dusty(after all my evening walks), I asked my servant to clean it up and I have to somehow fit it in my luggage. And I hope I don't have other things too that I have left out.

Anyway by the way things are going I guess I will have to be back in India in another 6 weeks and then I will have more space to carry most of the stuff and also dispose all the things in the house. I am paying 2 months rent and I have another 2 months deposit on the house. I have to decide on that when I am in Kuala Lumpur as I have a lot files stored in the house.

I somehow have this feeling of emptiness since I know I am leaving for home, maybe in time to come I will overcome that and get used to the feeling that nothing in life is permanent. We are here on this earth as a paying guest and one day when our time is up, we too have to vacate for another place.


Anonymous said...

One of the things we can be sure of in life is change (the others are death and taxes). The best we can really do is to be open to it. :)

Glad to hear that you're back home and will be with your family. I'm sure your son would be very happy to have you around.

Shree said...

Hope you reached MY safe! :)

Its always a great feeling to be back with family!

Sukku said...

Jopie: Thank you for the comment na dyes both my boys are happy that I am back.

Shree: It's a great feeling and I know how precious time is for me now...