Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Sunday writing 28.11. 2010

Had a bad toothache for the whole of last week and I thought I was getting old and all my teeth are going to fall off. Lucky me, it was only my wisdom tooth, it was slanting and the pain it was causing around that area was unbearable. I say the Dentist last week and she told me that I should remove the wisdom tooth and she told me it was kinda shaky and besides that the wisdom tooth causes more problems then being beneficial. I tend to agree with her and if you ask me I will recommend that you remove it. She couldn't do the extraction last week because I told her that I was on Claspirin, a blood thinner that I take after my CABG. So I had to stop taking this drug for the last 4 days, she didn't want me to bleed profusely after the extraction.
This morning I was at the Dentist and the whole affair of pulling out the tooth took about less then 10 minutes. First she gave me a jab on my gums, Anestassia so that it would be a painless procedure. It was indeed a painless affair, after that she used a plier to extract the tooth and voila before I  could realize it, I saw the tooth on the table. She gave me a gauze to place in between the gums where the tooth was extracted and she prescribed some pain killers and anti-biotics.
I had chicken soup with soft nice, all mashed up  by my wife along with mix vegetable for lunch which was about an hour after the extraction. Had a good nap in the afternoon and I was expecting the pain to set in after  2 hours of the wearing off, of the Anestassia, but nothing of that sort happened.

The moral of the story here is you get tend to lose some parts of your body....but the good part is that ....hey what the heck...I am still ok....still working with less parts...value for money...

If you had gone through a similar experience, please do share with me...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Photo's

What I have below is a collection of photos taken at Kuala Lumpur. Today being a holiday, I was in Town and it was rather deserted due to the Muslim festival called "Hari Raya Haji". I hope you would comment on the photos that I took with my HTC Desire.
Dinner at Telok Gong, Klang
Bazaar at Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur 
Lunch at a German Bistro at Puchong
Wet market at Sri Kembangan
Masjid India at Kuala Lumpur

Indian shops at Leboh Ampang and I should try eating at Bakti Woodland

Monday, November 8, 2010

Week to remember

How do I start this? Well a lot had happened last week and to top the list for me is that I got my new car, Toyota Altis 1.8 G with the new engine Dual VVTi. The car looks sporty and the interior is just fantastic. I am surely enjoying my ride to the office and also the smell of the new car. It did cost me a bomb to purchase this new car, but sometimes I say to myself, don’t I deserve to be rewarded for all the hard work that I have put in all these years.
I am already 50 years old now, and how many years do I have left? Well with my CABG done, I reckon I should be having another 10-15 years without any heart problems! But if it is something else then I wont be able to say.
I had a nice long weekend holidays due to Deepavali(Diwali) and I really took things easy. I had a weeding dinner that I attended on 06.11.2010, my ex-collegue got married and the dinner reception was held at the Chinese Restaurant. I have a picture of the suckling pig that was served as one of the dishes, but I had to skip it as it is not good for my health after my CABG. I had a couple of glasses of red wine, tried sitting on it for awhile as they keep topping it up as though we were drinking water.
I was with my close friend at the wedding dinner and he drove back from Penang. And I had a chance to meet up with all my ex-collegues too. The food was good and I guess most of them would have got drunk with the liquor, what more would anyone ask for?

I took my Sunday easy and I didn’t go for my morning walk, guess I was tired after the wedding dinner and the wine. And in the evening I was watching Inception and I still haven’t finished watching the movie yet. Got to watch it slowly as it is a movie which has a lot of dreams within dreams. 

My new Toyota Altis 1.8G

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

                                             My birthday cake at office. What a surprise!!!

                                   Suckling Piglet served at the wedding dinner. It looked sad...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Sunday writing

A lot has changed in my life over the last few days.
1. I have left Econpile (M) Sdn. Bhd as a General Manager and my last day of work was on 13.10.2010
2. I joined Borneo Geotechnic as a Senior Manager and started work on 15.10.2010
3. My office is in Damanasara Perdana and the office block is new and the area is very presentable.
4. I have booked for a brand new Toyota Altis 1.8G and hopefully I should take delivery by the end of this week or 1st week of November 2010.
5. Sad to leave my old friends at Econpile.
6. It was like a reunion at Borneo Geotechnic as most the staff were my friends about 10 to 15 years ago.
7. I am relaxed now and my stress level has decreased.
8. Company had issued a new laptop by Dell Inspiron i.3
9. I am contemplating on deactivating my facebook account.
10. Should spend more time on Blogger blogging.

A lot of changes in my life and I know we are destined to follow what is laid down for us. And I have entered the new phase in my life and I know that I have to start slowing down and take things easy. Btw my birthday is just around the corner.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's about a year now after my CABG

How time flies and I am sitting on my bed with my laptop and composing this article on what happened about a year back. On the 6th of September 2009 I had a heart attack and I admitted myself to the Johor Specialist Center.
I was at my site in the morning but I somehow felt uneasy and decided to see the nearest Doctor to my site at Danga Bay in Johor(City close to Singapore). But this Doctor wasn't just any Doctor, as he was my family Doctor when my first son was born  about 19 years ago. And  by God's Grace I was working in Johor from June 16th 2009 as I had joined my new company and all the while after my return from Hyderabad in July 2008, I was in Kuala Lumpur.
I can still remember vividly, how in the morning of my heart attack, I was having ENO fruit salt for indigestion at 5.00 a.m. and when I saw the Doctor, he prescribed medicines for flux and indigestion. As I was collecting the medicines after paying at the counter, something made him ask me for my ECG, which I had taken earlier (2 days back) at another clinic, I told him that the clinic was far to collect the report and asked him how much does it cost to do another ECG? He said RM 35 and I said ...why not?
Thank God for this timely intervention and fair enough my ECG was bad and he told me to get admitted into a heart specialist Hospital immediately without wasting time...that's when I drove to the Hospital ...I had my safety officer from site to direct me to the Hospital. I thought I was okay but the Doctor in charge at the Hospital was of a different opinion...I was stabilized and I was worried about the impact or the damage done to my heart but as I said was a timely intervention by the Doctor suggesting me to go a heart specialist. While they were doing all sorts of tests on me, I had informed my family and my wife took the evening bus to reach the Hospital as she wasn't used to driving long distance and with the bad news too. I was in ICU and by evening they had stabilized my condition. My wife wanted me to be transferred to Kuala Lumpur and to be admitted at Sime Darby Medical Center at Subang (again Thank God for this decision as I was under one of the top surgeon in the country).
So the following day, I had the most expensive ride on an ambulance with 2 paramedics and my wife by my's was a nice feeling being back home...and the rest was .....history....for me now....Thank God....I can sit and reflect on it...and life has turned for the better for me....I lead a healthy lifestyle....and I appreciate the little things in life now....remember...."LIFE IS SHORT" count your blessings....and believe me everything has it's path chartered out for just sit back and enjoy the ride....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Sunday writing

The template design at blogger has improved a lot and my blog looks pretty professional. And whatever I post here, you would see it at facebook too, but then you wont be able to see the actual blog if you don't visit my blog at blogger.

Yesterday I was at a wedding, my cousin's wedding and next week it's my other cousin's engagement, looks like  it is a good season for weddings and other auspicious stuff for Hindu's and for the Chinese I am not so sure as it is the Hungry Ghost festival that is being celebrated. And for the Malays, it is their fasting month, and I guess there isn't any wedding bells for them for this month. So I guess different culture, different views and on 31st August all of us would be celebrating our Independence day. And on September 10th & 11th, it is the muslim festival of I'd or they call it Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, well that would be a long break for everyone in Malaysia,as it is a long weekend. Things will be out of gear for at least 1 week and what you have in Malaysia is the "Balik Kampung" ritual, where everyone travels back to their hometown irrespective of religion. You can see that the death toll on the highways would increase and it's the same year after year, but the number of fatality increases every year.God only knows, why the drivers speed and some of them sleep on the wheels and kill themselves on the highways along with thier loved guys, please drive safely.
I will post some pictures that I took with my latest toy, HTC Desire and the camera is pretty good with sharp images.
Before I forget, I see a lot of hits at my blogs, but the sad part is that not many wants to comment on my blogs. People please do say a few words, so that I can improve on my blogs or give me some ideas on what to write. Currently I am having writers block.... So are you game enough to take up my challenge?

Bird's eye view of my new site at Kuala Lumpur, Menara Hap Seng

Where is my breakfast?....taken at Lotus, Jalan Gasing

Sunday, August 15, 2010

After a long break from Blogger

My last posting in blogger was in January 2010, when I had gone to Hanoi on a business trip. After that I was busy with facebook and finally the novelty has worn off and voila, I am back in blogger. It's nice to be back here and I hope my friends would drop by to say hello to me.
I see there are a lot of new settings in blogger and I guess it makes the blog way more professional in outlook. I have been busy with work most of the time and only this week I am feeling relieved as I had tendered my resignation to my present company. I have to serve my 2 months notice.
Besides that it is going to be almost a year since I had undergone my CABG that is my bypass heart surgery. I am doing fine and a lot has happened over the months. My second son got his Government scholarship to do Medicine and he is doing his pre-med in Cyberjaya Medical College.
I was promoted to a General Manager in my company and things have been looking great here in the construction sector.
Before I sign off, I am posting a picture taken from my bedroom window this afternoon, when it was raining pretty heavily. I like to watch the rain and I am sure you would too.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My first trip to Hanoi

It came as a shock to me as to how backward Hanoi is? Anyway I was on an official trip to access the viability of a project here so who am I to complain. My flight landed at the Hanoi Airport and we had our Korean friends to pick up from the Airport and we went straight to the site which was about 30 minutes drive or more from the Airport. We were at the Korean Contractors office and after a short meeting left for the actual site, it was 19 bridges and foundation works for 4 bridges had started. We looked at the contractors who were doing their work. And by the time we finished the work it was pretty late in the evening but the watch showed otherwise, my watch was still set at Malaysian time and it is about 1 hour difference in Hanoi. So it wasn’t that late and work finished at 5.30 p.m. but it was pretty dark outside due to winter.
Our partner brought us to the Hotel that we were suppose to stay and boy, was I disappointed. Maybe it is partly due to the location, we are at the outskirts I believe and the Hotel was really run down. Dinner was something and I really couldn’t eat any stuff except the rice with a little fish, oh how I miss home food, I never felt like this in Hyderabad though.
The first room I had, there wasn’t any light in the bathroom and when I informed the Hotel management, they spent about 10 minutes trying to get the light fixed and finally gave up. So I had to change my room from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor. I had asked the girl who was in charge to bring me an adaptor for my phone and laptop power cord which is 3 pin to the 2 pin and to my surprise, she brought another telephone charger and I tried explaining in English to her that I don’t need my phone to be charged in English, but I guess she didn’t understood a single word and she took my phone and got it charged. Bless her but I guess if you can’t communicate, this is what happens.
The climate in Hanoi is pretty cold, and I am freezing in my room as we are not prepared for the winter season. Anyway lucky me, I brought my jacket and it is saving me now from the fiery cold night. Thank God for the little mercies as I have managed to switch my laptop from Acer to the power saving mode so that I can write this blog and I have 6 hrs 36 minutes left and after this I can read my eBooks. I will try to post this when I get back, in fact I had written 2 blogs, one on last Saturday but didn’t have the time to post it and in that I had written about my New Year resolution.
The other funny thing happened to me in the morning at the hotel after they had served me my breakfast of chicken rice noodles, I was very thirsty and I asked the bell boy for some water, I had to show him the motion of drinking water as he doesn’t understand a word of English and to my surprise, he uttered an English word...”Vodka”...I guess Vodka must be very popular in Vietnam...but having it at breakfast.....
Having said all of the above, I believe getting away from home and being in another alien country is a good experience and it makes me miss on stuff that I had taken for granted.