Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Sunday writing

The template design at blogger has improved a lot and my blog looks pretty professional. And whatever I post here, you would see it at facebook too, but then you wont be able to see the actual blog if you don't visit my blog at blogger.

Yesterday I was at a wedding, my cousin's wedding and next week it's my other cousin's engagement, looks like  it is a good season for weddings and other auspicious stuff for Hindu's and for the Chinese I am not so sure as it is the Hungry Ghost festival that is being celebrated. And for the Malays, it is their fasting month, and I guess there isn't any wedding bells for them for this month. So I guess different culture, different views and on 31st August all of us would be celebrating our Independence day. And on September 10th & 11th, it is the muslim festival of I'd or they call it Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, well that would be a long break for everyone in Malaysia,as it is a long weekend. Things will be out of gear for at least 1 week and what you have in Malaysia is the "Balik Kampung" ritual, where everyone travels back to their hometown irrespective of religion. You can see that the death toll on the highways would increase and it's the same year after year, but the number of fatality increases every year.God only knows, why the drivers speed and some of them sleep on the wheels and kill themselves on the highways along with thier loved guys, please drive safely.
I will post some pictures that I took with my latest toy, HTC Desire and the camera is pretty good with sharp images.
Before I forget, I see a lot of hits at my blogs, but the sad part is that not many wants to comment on my blogs. People please do say a few words, so that I can improve on my blogs or give me some ideas on what to write. Currently I am having writers block.... So are you game enough to take up my challenge?

Bird's eye view of my new site at Kuala Lumpur, Menara Hap Seng

Where is my breakfast?....taken at Lotus, Jalan Gasing

Sunday, August 15, 2010

After a long break from Blogger

My last posting in blogger was in January 2010, when I had gone to Hanoi on a business trip. After that I was busy with facebook and finally the novelty has worn off and voila, I am back in blogger. It's nice to be back here and I hope my friends would drop by to say hello to me.
I see there are a lot of new settings in blogger and I guess it makes the blog way more professional in outlook. I have been busy with work most of the time and only this week I am feeling relieved as I had tendered my resignation to my present company. I have to serve my 2 months notice.
Besides that it is going to be almost a year since I had undergone my CABG that is my bypass heart surgery. I am doing fine and a lot has happened over the months. My second son got his Government scholarship to do Medicine and he is doing his pre-med in Cyberjaya Medical College.
I was promoted to a General Manager in my company and things have been looking great here in the construction sector.
Before I sign off, I am posting a picture taken from my bedroom window this afternoon, when it was raining pretty heavily. I like to watch the rain and I am sure you would too.