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Shah Rukh Khan

My hats off to you. How you have brought glamour to the world of cricket. You are a true Indian, crossing all boundries in a democratic country. You are an Indian at heart and I guess most of the other (muslim) countries in the world has to emulate what you represent(placing country above religion), " A modern muslim" married to a hindu and a true Indian at heart. If I had a choice to meet anyone, it would be you. What more can I say! Keep up the good work and may the good Lord Bless you for the good work.
I am in India and certainly impressed by you. You are an entertainer with a heart of gold, perhaps thats why Kolkata Knight Riders wear the gold helmet!

Not character but consciousness

This paragraph is taken from the book Joy: The Happiness that comes from within by Osho.
I don’t believe in character at all. My trust is in consciousness. If a person becomes more conscious, naturally his character is transformed. But transformation is totally different: it is not managed by the mind – it is natural, it is spontaneous.
Lu Ting ate at a Greek restaurant because Papadopoulos, the owner, made really good fried rice. Each evening he would come in and order “flied lice”. This always caused Papadopoulos to fall down with laughter. Sometimes he would have two or three friends standing nearby just to hear Lu Ting order his “flied lice.”
Eventually the Chinese’s pride was so hurt that he took a special diction lesson just to be able to say “fried rice” correctly.
The next time he went to the restaurant he said very plainly, “Fried rice, please.”
Unable to believe his ears, Papadopoulos asked, “What did you say?”
Lu Ting shouted, “You heard what I said, you Gleek plick!”
It won't make much difference - from "flied lice" now it is "Gleek plick"! You close one door, another immediately opens. This is not the way of transformation.
To change your character is easy; the real work consists in changing your consciousness, in becoming conscious – more conscious, more intensely and passionately conscious. When you are conscious it is impossible to be angry, it is impossible to be greedy, it is impossible to be jealous, it is impossible to be ambitious.
And when all anger, greed, ambition, jealousy, possessiveness, lust, disappear the energy involved in them is released. That energy becomes your bliss.

India, China eating up food resources: Rice

Blames Asians’ ‘Better Diets’ For World Food Crisis Chidanand Rajghatta TNN

Washington: Improving diets in China and India are among the reasons for the skyrocketing price of food grains worldwide, US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice has said, adding fuel to the raging debate over perceived food shortage that has led some US analysts to recommend stockpiling supplies. In remarks at a Peace Corps conference on Monday, Rice acknowledged that the world food situation was cause for serious concern to the extent, she said, that Josette Sheeran, her former aide who now works as the Director of the World Food Program, had described it as a “silent tsunami”. Rice attributed four broad reasons for the rising prices, including distribution issues, escalating oil prices and the “unintended consequence of the alternate fuels effort”. But it was her critique about consumption pattern in China and India and the consequent cap on their exports, and her promise to “have a look at” it, that raised eyebrows. “We obviously have to look at places where production seems to be declining and declining to the point that people are actually putting export caps on the amount of food. Now, some of that is not so much declining production as apparently improvement in the diets of people, for instance, in China and India, and then pressures to keep food inside the country. So, that’s another element that we have to look at,” Rice said. Although many experts point to the US and European diversion of food crops to biofuel activity as the principle trigger for shortages, there has also been muted criticism in some circles about India and China curtailing the export of their domestic food production (mainly rice) to meet any possible panic at home, leading to tightening of supplies in the international market. But while there have been stories of food riots in countries such as Haiti and Egypt, it is the US where there has been a great deal of agitation. Twice in the past week, media outlets have suggestively raised the spectre—or need—for Americans to stockpile food in the face of rising prices and possible shortages. In a country where supermarket shelves are often cleared at the first intimation of a few inches of snow, it is yet another call to hoarding. Mounting grocery bills are already the talk at the kitchen table. The price of staples such as milk, bread, eggs, chicken have registered double-digit rise in the past few weeks, adding to the moping at the gas pump.

Rice On Rice Condoleezza Rice said that the currency exchange rate and the simple “inability” of getting food to the people was the major cause of global food crisis Rice said that the increasing consumptions in countries such as India and China were forcing these countries to keep food inside the country The third reason, according to Rice, which was adding to the food crisis was the spiralling fuel prices that have hit transportation and distribution costs According to Rice, the fourth factor which is attributing to the current global food crisis is “biofuels”, which she said was not really a problem in itself but was a part of the problem.

Reproduced from Times of India Hyderabad Edition 30.04.2008.

What happened to the global warming effects on the produce,
looks like we Asians are the main culprits in causing the world shortage for
food resources. We all know who the real culprits are!

Blogs from my archives

Just in case if you are wondering, how come this guy has so many blogs posted in a day, don't be. All these blogs I had saved in my archives in my laptop as I also maintain a blog at and so far I have been blogging from August 2007(with Opera) and have 46,179 page views as off today and the link is here: and the number of hits as off today was 11,195.

Opera community is very unique in a way as I find the bloggers there are very disciplined and there are quite a few instances I guess unruly bloggers were made personal non-grata. The only drawback is that Opera is a close knit community and you have to be using an opera web browser to enjoy these services(btw it is a great browser, much safer then I.E 7).

I was on from April 2005, but somehow I had slipped from it and also I had deleted most of my postings , I had posted some very personal blogs based on my state of being at that time(which obvisiouly wasn't that good).

I don't know what prompted me today to look into and revive my blogging here, turn over a new leaf, so to speak.

Anyway I am happy to be doing what I like best and I am enjoying myself at the moment as I finish these last few words for my explanatory blog on the reason for my absence.

Please feel free to comment on my blog postings that I have posted as I believe learning is always a two way traffic.

God Bless.

Hateful Words Hurt

Sticks and Stone may break my bones, but words (will never hurt me) can kill.

I am sure most of us would have gone through this in our lifetime. But why do we get hurt with words and human beings as a species would kill for, just to prove their point in a heated argument. Why do we always have to be right? Can’t we just ignore the words as it is nothing but a vibration created by us and let us assume that you say something nasty to a bushman as you are angry with him and curse him with the choicest English words, now what would his reaction be. He won’t even be perturbed by what you say as he doesn’t understand a word of English. I guess we could even emulate what the bushman did, just ignore the words and think of it as a vibration. Don’t give importance to it if you don’t want to get hurt.

Let me give you an example; it’s like when you push your fist against a wall and since there is resistance, you can’t push it and after sometime, you would feel the pain from the stress of pushing it. But if the wall moves as you push it by not offering any resistance, you won’t feel the hurt in pushing the wall. So I guess we should be like the wall, don’t offer any resistance to hateful words. The problem starts when we react and feel hurt, but again the feelings and emotions are within our control and why should we waste it on others. We should have the courage to just walk away from it.

I guess with a little practice, you would be able to master this technique and find that you would have a peaceful existence on this planet as hateful words would not be able to penetrate through you to cause you pain or hurt.


Is there real love in this world?

Been burned many times in life? They say help those in need, and I just keep doing that and what do I get in return; heartache and stress. There are all sorts of people in this world and how do we differentiate the evil from the good. Only after getting burned with a bitter experience but why go through this in the first place and it is a never ending story. How much more experience do I need? What has happened to the goodness in people, aren’t we are all made up of the same stuff irrespective of religion, colour, creed and class?

So where has the real love in this world gone?

© sukku2007

Being far away

Does this sound familiar?

‘Whenever you’re far away, I wish you were near. I imagine that the conversations we’ll have when you or I come back from a trip. I phone you to make sure everything’s all right. I need to hear your voice every day. I’m still passionate about you, I can guarantee you that.’
‘It’s the same with me, but what happens when we’re together? We argue, we quarrel over nothing; one of us wants to change the other, to impose his or her view of reality. You demand things of me that make no sense at all, and I do the same. Sometimes, in the silence of our hearts, we say to ourselves: “How good it would be to be free, to have no commitments.”’

Extracted from the book “The Zahir” by Paulo Coelho

Our time here...

They say that when we came out into this world, we were crying as the whole world was rejoicing. That is how our grand entry is into this world, unlike the space shuttle, which will be heating up and if the heat resistant panels are not in place, it would burn and disintegrate during entry. We bring joy to our parents and we were like parasites at birth, eat, sleep, shit and you name it but we were the little bundle of joy. I still can remember, the birth of my first son, what immense joy it was, being a parent. And the joys of watching him grow and I guess this is how life is pretty much the same for all of us.
What we do from birth until we die, the journey that we call life is what makes the difference, when we die, whether the whole world would cry meaning our loved ones and friends and would we be in a state of bliss, rejoicing to the fact that we lived a full and meaningful life? Or are we bitter with our time here! It's all upto us to make the difference.
Do you ever take time to ponder, how your time is being utilised here on this planet. Did you make your journey a worthwhile one; have you touched others emotionally during you journey and were you a source of inspiration to others? Have you learned from the bad experience that you had? Did you analyze the reason behind your misfortunes?
The journey of life is never a smooth one, everyone would at any given point of time, would experience a rough patch or as they say go through a bad spell. I did have my share of bad spell, but I have learned a lot from that experience. I believe, we are presented with valuable lessons and we have to go through the rough patch in order for us to mature and move on to a higher level in life. So that newer lessons could be entrusted and we can enrich our souls and empathize with others.
So my question to you is, did you spend your time wisely and even if you didn’t, have you learned from your mistakes? So why don’t you spend some time to see what your problems are? You would see that the basic root cause of all your problems is and will be the same, until and unless you learn to overcome it, it keeps repeating itself.


This is my first blog entry on this new blog that I have created today. I hope to keep this blog posted with articles on philosopy and also with whatever that comes into my mind. I will stay away from politics and will keep this blog as clean as possible. I would like to share my thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world for a better tomorrow. I would also like to post articles that I feel has an impact on all of us based on current events based on my prespective. I would also like to include a disclaimer on my postings with regards to its content which is purely based on my take on life and no malice is meant to anyone living or dead, religion and race.
God Bless.