Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do you snack after your meal?

This is one habit that I am trying to control but of late I am losing the battle of the bulge, thanks to the snack food that is easily available and affordable. After a heavy meal, the first thing that I would like to reach out for is a packet of fried peanuts and any other tidbits. But why do I have to do it? It really beats me and I have to have a stronger will power to say no to my cravings. I know the guilt that I would feel after finishing a whole packet of fried peanuts or cheezels, but then it would be too late and just to repeat the same process the following day. Is this some sort of addiction?

I am going to list down a few rules and hopefully stick to it otherwise it would be to late to get rid of the access fat that accumulates on the body (which has already started by now).

1. Don't buy any snack food from the supermarket (Don't let the devil tempt you).

2. Eat a hearty meal and just be full and satisfied.

3. If I am going to snack then I should skip my meals as a punishment (Bad idea!).

4. Keep my mind occupied with other stuff (Hope it is not food).

Looks like I am getting nowhere with this list. Do you have any good ideas that you had tried out and if it did work for you, would you like to share it with me.

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