Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Looking back

Now I know this is something that I should not be doing as what has happened in life in the past is over and there is nothing that I can do to undo it. But being human, it is not easy not to dwell on the past just for the heck of it. Do you dwell in the past?

I guess the past is just the stepping stone for the future and the future again is something that has not occurred and hence it is a waste of time predicting what is not tangible unless we are GOD or some divine being. But as I had mentioned, being humans, sometimes we like to day dream and feel good about something which we don't possess.

I believe, life is nothing but a summation of moments, like a movie and we have the scissors to snip away any footage that we don't approve by our own censor department in our mind.

So where does all this leave me, the present and what do I have in store at this present moment? Just cherishing my thought of blogging on something which has no consequence to what is going to influence my thoughts of being in the past or in the future but brings me back to this present moment. And the feeling,that I had the opportunity to do this is very satisfying to me as I know that I might have stirred something in you.

So cherish this moment...it's all that you have.

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