Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blogs from my archives

Just in case if you are wondering, how come this guy has so many blogs posted in a day, don't be. All these blogs I had saved in my archives in my laptop as I also maintain a blog at and so far I have been blogging from August 2007(with Opera) and have 46,179 page views as off today and the link is here: and the number of hits as off today was 11,195.

Opera community is very unique in a way as I find the bloggers there are very disciplined and there are quite a few instances I guess unruly bloggers were made personal non-grata. The only drawback is that Opera is a close knit community and you have to be using an opera web browser to enjoy these services(btw it is a great browser, much safer then I.E 7).

I was on from April 2005, but somehow I had slipped from it and also I had deleted most of my postings , I had posted some very personal blogs based on my state of being at that time(which obvisiouly wasn't that good).

I don't know what prompted me today to look into and revive my blogging here, turn over a new leaf, so to speak.

Anyway I am happy to be doing what I like best and I am enjoying myself at the moment as I finish these last few words for my explanatory blog on the reason for my absence.

Please feel free to comment on my blog postings that I have posted as I believe learning is always a two way traffic.

God Bless.

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