Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bad day at work

I guess it is one of those days where I won't forget as I had the pleasure of meeting up with a car repossessor. It was a cool affair, he was waiting beside my car Nissan X-Trail (Company Car) and informed me that I haven't paid 3 months instalment, I told him that my company must have forgotten as there are some new guys in the accounts department. But he was polite and I told him that I want to drive the car to my office which was close to the site and then talk to my accountant. He told me to sit down next to him as he had the keys and he drove me to my office.

At my office I informed them about the car being repossessed and so I was told to negotiate with them and finally we agreed to a certain sum, for them not to take the car and I assured them that the company would pay up the amount owed to the Bank.

In the evening, my accountant got the cheque prepared and had to look for my Director for his signature and tomorrow after another signature on the cheque and he will be in the bank to pay and lift the order for repossessing the car.

I guess they were a decent bunch of car repossessers as they waited with me and they left without the car. I could imagine, how difficult it would be for me to travel back and also to come to office without a car. But then who am I to complain on the company's blunder. Let this be a lesson for them, for me it is very simple, no car....no work at site.


Aleta said...

OK, I'm sure some people might not like me once I say this ~ Yes, you did have a nice repo guy, because our repo guys would take the car and best time to do so is when the customer isn't there.

Then again, some clients "hide" the cars, when they know good and well they aren't making payments.

During Katrina, we had people telling us the car was damaged and left to rot "somewhere in New Orleans" but upon researching on our part ~ no insurance claim was made. After further investigation, we found out that the customer took the car (most people do) to evacuate and kept the car in another state, but.. didn't want to make any more payments on the vehicle they drove. (Before we came back home after Katrina hit, we were already on the phone with repo companies in various states, getting services set up for cases just like that.)

Sorry for the rant, I've worked in the finance industry for too long and I've heard some whopper stories!

Though, I can imagine what it must have been like for you. I'm glad the repo guy was nice to you and the situation was resolved with your work.

You handled it very well.

Sukku said...

Thanks for sharing the info and I am glad that they didn't take the car and I hope everything would be settled by today by my office with regards to the payment and my Director had reprimanded my accountant last night to make sure that the same mistake is not repeated.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

I'm sorry you had to face the inconvenience because of a goof-up elsewhere.

Sukku said...

Yep....and next would be my phone....