Saturday, May 2, 2009

Drying up

My blog feed is drying up and the number of postings has dwindled like a pond facing the summer sun and there are crack lines all over the pond (even myself). 

How life can be torcherous like the scorching sun, I am facing that currently with my new management. They just don't give a damn and we are expected to execute the work without any soldiers(downline staff) or like the pond which doesn't have any inflow of water to prevent it from cracking. 

Started calling for other openings but things are pretty slow, earlier I wanted to get a new job with a higher pay but now I am so desperate that anything would do. My wife told me that in Oprah (TV show), she had siad there are two myths that we adhere to:

1. That our salary would rise with time

2. That the selling price of house would increase with time

I guess right now, that myth is busted. Our salary is shrinking with the economy and the price of house is also shrinking like our salary but the prices of essential commodities are not. Looks like we are drying up the pond


Reflections said...

This recession really is giving everybody a hard time;-(

Sukku said...

Yes it does...and companies are squeezing us they know we have no where to run too...