Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blogging from Microsoft Word

Ever since I am recuperating at home, I am looking at various ways whereby I can work on my blog and I always felt restricted when I work on blogger web page. You can do the blogging on Microsoft Word by pressing the Microsoft Button and open the new blank document and blog template. After that you have to register your blog i.e. mine was blogger and I keyed in the username and then the password and voila I am in for business.

I am waiting for a special day that is one week from today and it is when Nokia N97 releases its latest upgrade software V 2.0 which would bring the phones performance on par with iphone. Now if the upgrade is so important, why in the hell did they market the phone with version V 1.0 in the first place? Maybe it is to take suckers like us for a ride.

I have tried everything possible to make my stay at home as comfortable as possible and I just don't want to think about what is in store after November 15th. I know something good would happen and I am going to take rest until next year 2010 as we would be shifting our house by December 15th 2009. The present house is sold and this would really ease my financial situation as I have a son who is studying medicine in Moscow, MMA 2nd year.

You life is a strange thing, I could have disappeared from the face of this earth on 06.09.09 as I had 3 major blocks but somehow God was kind to me. I actually had asked the Doctor to do an ECG on me and based on that result he had concluded that I was having a heart attack otherwise it would be business as usual and I would have collapsed somewhere with a major attack.

I had bought at least 6 DVD's a couple of days ago and so far I had watched 3 of them. I really love watching movies as it transports me back to a different dimension or world. It's like being enlightened.

So here blog from MS Word....

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