Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Happy Birthday Post

This is what I wrote 2 years ago and when I read what I had written, I guess nothing much has changed except the fact that I am lucky to celebrate my 49th birthday with my loved ones and now I know for sure that I would be able to spend many more Birthdays without any heart problems but other problems I wouldn't be able to guarantee. Now let me see, over the years I have removed my appendix, my gall bladder and recently a bypass with an open heart surgery (I guess the mother of all operations). This will keep me ticking for many years as I will be following a strict diet and having a healthy life style as I know what it is to go through whole thing.

I am going to post the article that I had posted on Opera below and also I have a birthday photo of me taken when I was 1 year old. Don't I look sweet with the knife in my hand waiting to do justice to the cake.

Happy Birthday post
Monday, 29. October 2007, 02:44:57
Today is my birthday and with me turning a different age every year it is a time of reflection. Not that I don’t do it often enough but this special day really makes me feel nostalgic and makes me feel that I am getting closer to home(heaven or hell as you may please). But looking back what I did a year ago I have noticed quite a bit of growth (getting more grey hairs) and determination. I am influenced by the books that I read and the feeling that age is finally catching up, I have also became more of an introvert finding solace in my solitude. I have accepted to accept things in life as they pass by and not to worry about it too much as I know I don't possess the power to alter or change it. But that doesn't mean; I let my life pass by. Now I just become the observer and let my heart do the thinking and guide me. Something which I guess I didn't have the capacity to do before as I was reacting then with my ego (my little voice). I have begun to realise the folly that this little voice did to me; fear, fright, anger, jealousy,worries etc. Been through many turbulent times in life and I have risen against all odds and I am thankful to God for seeing me through. And by God's grace I know I would have many more birthdays to sit and ponder about the new challenges that life would have to offer and the lessons it would enrich me with so that I could share it with others.
My birthday wish for this year is that both my boys do well in their public exams and also not forgetting my wife who is taking care of them while I am away working abroad. My final wish is that I should be back home soon with the family as I had enough of working abroad and brooding over it with my blogs.
By the way I am posting this one day in advance as my birthday is tomorrow and I honestly would like to thank God for whatever he has done in my life and for giving me this chance to post this blog and share it with my family and friends. God Bless you all.


Jayakumar said...
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Jayakumar said...

Hello Sukku,

I am very glad to know you are happy with your loved ones. I always cherish my short association with you. In fact dream to be like you - managing independently all the administrative tussles.

Thanks and Regards

Sukku said...

Dear Jayakumar,

How are you? You can catch me at Facebook too, I am there most of the time..

I hope all is well with you.