Friday, May 9, 2008


It's my favourite time of the month, a visit to the hair dressing saloon. Not that I love to spend my time there but it's just an occasion for me to celebrate my little pleasures in life with what I still have left off it(my hair).

As you get older, the density of the mop at the top gets thinner/lesser and maybe I should be paying the barber extra for him to search for the "hair" when he is cutting it. He has to be extra careful in not snipping away as he pleases otherwise he would create a landing strip for maybe an Airbus 380.
I have given up hope in getting the darn thing to grow and I have my greys at my sideburns too. I let nature takes it own course and I believe that one should get old gracefully.

So what if I am losing my hair and I am not going to transplant hair from some other part to increase the density. I have seen people with hair transplant and it looks kind of vulgar and just to look 10 years younger? So what is in the hair that men are willing to spend a fortune. Don't you think what is inside the head is more valuable then what is outside!

Getting back to my point, I love going to the hairdresser because I know that after some years, it is going to be a thing of the past.


Anonymous said...

hey sukkie :) glad you're still doing alright.
i never knew that it was that drastic for men to lose their hair, i'm actually surprised. i always thought there was no lucky creature than 'men' himself.. not much to worry about when it comes to their looks and all that stuff we girls find ourself losing weight over. i mean.. my dad is now turning 64 and not once have i seen him worry about his hair, let alone implants and stuff.. nah ah.. age gracefully, that i'll stand for. and if it's any help for some older men out there thinking of implanting?.. you look much better in your greys or bald than you would if i new it was an implant or something of the sort.

Sukku said...

hey thanks ...and it's nice to hear from you....keep visiting this blogs....take care