Friday, May 2, 2008


Location: Hyderabad
Date: 02.05.2008
Time: 10.00 a.m.

Well yesterday I told myself that I would start maintaining an online journal or a diary so to speak. I am posting this at Opera and also here.
Both my driver and servant still haven’t turned up and I guess I can do without the driver as I still can drive around by myself. But the servant is the tricky part, my kitchen sink is filled up with dirty dishes and the house needs sweeping and mopping. I thought that since yesterday was a holiday, both my employees had decided to take leave due to May Day, maybe they needed the break (hard labour). I can live with that, but today I hope they turn up otherwise I have to start cleaning up the dishes to restore some order to the house.
The heat is unbearable these days and the thermometer is rising to 42 degrees Celsius and it should pick up to higher readings and peak at maybe 45 or 47 degrees Celsius by mid May.
My lunch has not been cooked yet, as the chef is busy with this blog and also hoping for the servant to turn up to clean the dishes. Oh how I hate being dependent on others, could it be due to my laziness. prayers are answered! My servant just came in and yesterday she said was a good day for her to do a ceremony for her new house, they actually boil milk and let it overflow from the pot for prosperity. While she was busy doing that, my dirty pots and pans were accumulating in my kitchen sink longing to be cleaned. My driver had turned up too just now...little blessings in my mundane existence here.
What did I do on my holiday yesterday? I read my book by Jeffrey Archer “A prisoner of Birth” and was tweaking my blog’s template at blogger (the itchy hands and mind at work). Let me tell you about the book, it’s a fantastic book about a guy who is wrongly accused for a murder and he is sentenced to 22 years in jail. Like they say, there is one in every hundred cases, where an innocent man is sentenced. I am still at it and maybe I will pick up where I left today on the book.
The big question on my mind is whether I should attack the mango that I had kept in the fridge and it is really succulent and juicy (the mango). Maybe I will wait for the temperature to be at its peak before I relish on this king of fruits here.
The other thing that really gets on my nerve here is the ants. They seem to be everywhere and this morning they were feasting on my bread which I stored in the microwave, thinking that they would not dare get into the microwave. But these bunches of ants are a resilient lot and I am getting scared, what if they decide to have me for their food while I am sleeping?

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