Monday, September 29, 2008

"Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri"

Well this is to wish my Muslim friends in advance for their festival, after a month of fasting. I am just going to cut and paste what I had posted last year at my blog in Opera as this year I am at home and so far I haven't got any invitations yet.

Looks like it's a long weekend in Malaysia(holidays from yesterday until monday) but here in Hyderabad, Hari Raya Puasa or Eid falls tomorrow (Sunday). So there isn't any holiday as it falls on a Sunday(which is a holiday... coincidentally), not that I am a muslim but I cheerish my childhood memories as we use to get the goodies in the morning from our Malay neighbours and I loved the ketupat with the peanut sauce or the chicken rendang and also the pulut.

Now that these days are over, I was feeling rather nostalgic about it today. What can I expect from Hyderabad, it's a place where I am posted due to my work. What did I do today? I had a nap in the afternoon and then tried tinkering with Technorati, trying to figure out how it works and then here I am at this blog, just writing what I felt during my childhood days.

I called up the family and wished them "Selamat Hari Raya" and was kiddingly asking my wife whether she had received any ketupat....she told Tamil....only "ketu" which means punch....and so I guess it is a quiet day for my family too...I stay in a place where we don't really intereact with our neighbours and both my immediate neighbours are chinese, one is a Christian(Christmas), the other Chinese New Year and if I am not mistaken I guess I saw a Malay neighbour a few houses away..... Guess I have moved up in life...and staying in a posh neighbourhood, one can't expect much. This is what we pay for development and moving up in the social ladder....

One of my blogging friend asked me yesterday, whether there was any "open house" invitation in Hyderabad(like we do for all the festivals in Malaysia).....I told her that there is no such concept here in Hyderabad for the festivals....all the doors are firmly locked and you have to use the back door, if you want to get in I guess...and help yourself to the goodies....and perhaps spend the night in jail.....with more free goodies.....

Before I forget, I would like to wish all my muslim friends...."Selamat Hari Raya Puasa"

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