Saturday, September 27, 2008

Whats's your most embarrassing moment?

Well to tell you the truth I have more then one but for now I would like to share with you one of those embarrassing moment. It happened in Hyderabad in 2005, where after a few drinks with my college guys at a function, I had decided to go to a pub called "The Touch" to adjourn for more drinks with my friend.

The pub is a hip and happening place, where all the yuppies gather at this watering hole. I was there with my friend and they were with a movie producer from Tollywood and I was enjoying their company and I know some of the starlets were eyeing the producer, hoping to land maybe in his next production and I was like a wall paper there when the starlets approach the producer.

Anyway, it ended well at about mid-night as that was the closing time for most of the pubs in Hyderabad. I was still sober when I left the pub, and I came down to the ground floor where my car was parked. There was a fountain, not lighted up and flushed as the same level with the ground floor. And I just walked into it. I went crushing into the pool of water, not knowing what had happened. I know I was wet and I had my Nokia phone in a phone case at my hip, I thought to myself, there goes my expensive phone, drowning itself. To my surprise, the phone was still lighting up and I switched it off to prevent any short circuit.

Now the most embarrassing part was getting out of the pool of water, all soaking wet and everyone starring at me. Maybe in away I was lucky as I guess most of them must have been tipsy after the drinks or their senses would have been dead after all the drinks.

I composed myself, as though nothing had happened and got into my car as my driver was waiting for me, wondering what the hell happened to me. And to make matters worse, my friend invited me to his house along with the producer for a night cap. Well I went to his place and got a change of clothes from him.

But the best part of this incident was that I just went about as though nothing had happened, even though I was feeling really embarrassed and felt like a fool.

So now, it is your turn to share with me your most embarrassing moment.

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