Saturday, October 10, 2009

What it takes to get the crowd in....

Sounds like a restaurant or a shopping mall? No I was talking about my blogs and I don't see many bloggers commenting on what I write. I do see a lot of visitors but they could be window shopping or they must have wandered into my blog accidentally. So what does it really takes to pull the crowd?

I guess by now you must have been sick of reading stuff about my heart attack and all the minute details that I am giving you. Now who in the hell would actually have a heart attack and have the time to blog? Beats me!!! So can I list down my suggestions to get the crowd in and not that I have so many of them at my blogs that I don't have time replying.

  1. Write controversial articles.
  2. Visit other bloggers and leave your comments.
  3. Have an interesting template.
  4. Update your blogs on a regular basis.
  5. Post a lot of photos.
  6. Be as witty as possible.
  7. Think before you write.
  8. Have a camera handy so that you can take candid photos for your blogs.
  9. I am out of this stage.
So spare me the agony....and if you visit my blog...just write anything leave your footprint....


R.A.S said...

Leaving my footprint. :)

Sukku said...

Thanks Rosfida...lovely footprint...