Friday, October 17, 2008

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL - God is in details

Robin Sharma

OKAY, YOUR shoes don’t need to shine for you to be a superb leader. And please remember, leadership isn’t about your position, it’s a way of being — “Leading Without Title”, to be precise. Leadership is about holding yourself to world-class standards, taking personal responsibility (versus playing the victim), being excellent within the sphere of your influence, building beautiful relationships and elevating others by your example. My point is simply this: The way you do the little things says a lot about the way you will do the big things. And resigning yourself to mediocrity around your minor pursuits sets you up for mediocrity when it comes to the major ones.

If your yard or home is well organised, I’ll bet your life is well organised.

If you are attentive to details like remembering the birthdays of your friends and sending thank-you notes after every meeting, my guess is that you will be attentive to the details around your larger projects and bigger opportunities.

And if your place of business is spotless, there’s a great chance the work you do for your customers will reflect the same commitment to excellence. (I can tell a lot about a business by the cleanliness of their bathrooms; an immaculate bathroom shouts “We care!” and that caring translates into remarkable service.) So pay attention to the details. Focus on the small stuff (like crazy). Commit to OAD: Obsessive Attention to Detail. World class people and organisations always do. Because the little things truly are the big ones.

— Excerpted from The Greatness Guide 2 by ROBIN SHARMA. Published by Jaico Publishing House,

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