Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Life on the fast lane

Well it has been almost more than 3 weeks that I am in Malaysia and I just don't know how the time flies. I would be leaving for India on 08.08.08 for a week as I have to file an appeal at the City Civil Court.

I have sent my resumes to a few companies and also to meet a few directors for job openings but the way I look at it, I guess I have to act fast and I know the current situation is not so rosy in my company.

Last weekend I was busy with my lawyer from Mumbai and I also manage to get myself a new laptop by Sony as I am planning to give my HP to my son who is leaving for Moscow in the 2nd week of September for his medical studies.

Getting back to my work situation, it looks rather gloomy and half the time I am fire fighting with sub-contractors, purchasers, and suppliers on what owe them. So how can I perform under these circumstances.

Tried to relax last night and I was watching Sex in the City on DVD and would you believe it....I dozed off.Now that is bad as I was dead tired when I got home, guess I will continue on where I left off last night.

Well for the first time I am looking forward to my trip to Hyderabad as I know it would be a change of pace for me, away from all the maddening rush and problems. The sad news would be, when I return to Kuala Lumpur, the same problems would be there to great me.

Hope I can find time to blog in Hyderabad in the peace of my house which I am still maintaining.


Shree said...

I sent you a gmail invite (got it from your blog profile)to my blog. I've made it private. If you can't access it,let me know. I'll send another invite.

Hope everything is fine at your end, its been sometime.


Sukku said...

Thanks Shree!!!

Well things are not too good but I guess I have no choice at the moment.