Monday, August 11, 2008

Pictures from wet and gloomy Hyderabad

The pictures were taken this morning and afternoon. The first photo was in the morning where the traffic jam was horrible due to the damage inflicted by the rainy season. The second photo is the famous Mojamzahi market, built by the Nizam and in the background you can see the heavy skies. And the photo above was taken at Tank Bund, overcast and heavy breeze as though a cyclone is expected.

The weather man had said that more rain is expected in Hyderabad and yesterday I saw a picture in the newspaper whereby the residents were using boats to travel as most of the places in Hyderabad was flooded. My only worry is that I got to get clothes washed and if it rains, where the hell am I gonna dry them. I am leaving on this Friday back to KL and I am hoping for the weather to ease up as everything is damp and gloomy.

Due to the jam, I had my lunch at 3.30 p.m. at KFC and the KFC in India is quite unique, I had original Chicken with Rice pulau and Dal Makhani, so it was quite filling. Now lets see what am I going to have for dinner? Indian Chinese perhaps!


Shree said...

It took me 2.5 hours to get to the airport from Madhapur when it was raining last Friday.

Mad rains and no proper rain water harvesting systems, make Hyd the worst place to be in during rainy season.

Sukku said...

I think Friday was bad as I flew into Hyderabad on that day and it took me ages to reach Sainikpuri after a stop at Hotel Taj Deccan. Lucky for me as I got the last cab from the airport as the counter girl informed me that all the cabs that went out with paasengers didn't report back as they were stuck in one place or another. I plan to leave this Friday and hope that it doesn't rain on that day.

Vinay said...

grt blog !!. keep going .

Sukku said...

Thank you Vinay for visiting my blogs. Just came back from Hyderabad this morning.