Friday, August 15, 2008


Well this is Mirrors and it is situated in Jubilee Hills near the check post in Hyderabad. It's a lovely SPA and saloon. If you need a haircut when you are in Hyderabad, do drop in. Just mention my name to Mr. Praveen who is my good friend and he will take care of you. I find the place out of this world in Hyderabad. I told my friend Praveen that I would blog his place and voila it is done, so please support me. Shree if you are in Hyderabad, do drop in and please mention my name and also recommend to your friends about Mirrors.


Shree said...

I'm not in hyd now, but will certainly visit this place the next time I'm there.

And I have a few friends to whom I can sugges this place too.

Sukku said...

Thank you and I would appreciate that.