Thursday, August 7, 2008

Off to Hyderabad

Yes I am flying in to Hyderabad tomorrow midnight. I am going to be there for a week and it's gonna be a busy week ahead for me. Hope the weather is ok as I hate the rains in Hyderabad, with traffic jams everywhere and the dreaded powercuts.

I can relish on my mutton briyani and tandoori chicken. Sad thing though, I will be missing out on the opening ceremony of the Olympic games.

Hope to blog from Hyderabad and maybe take some snap shots.


Shree said...

And sadly, it rained last night :(

Sukku said...

Is it raining in Hyderabad now?

Shree said...

It isnt raining now, but its very gloomy!

Sukku said...

Shree it's not only gloomy but it is raining and what I heard is that it was raining for the past week.