Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pictures from Hyderabad

Those pictures sure do have a lot to say. I was stuck in a jam and I took the photo from my car and I was suprised to see that a mini pickup van was transporting workers (just like cattle). Just below that is a restaurant "Nanking" which I guess is a very old chinese restaurant in Hyderabad, maybe 30 years old or more. The furnitures in the restaurant certainly looks very old. Anyway I had the pleasure of having my lunch there and I find the food is okay, but the service was kinda slow (maybe the staff are as old as the restaurant).

There is also a picture of a beggar selling the Indian National flag at the traffic junction on India's Independence day. And then there is the huge billboard of the superstar himself "Rajni"and just above is a hindu temple next to the highway.


Sucharita Sarkar said...

as they say, 1 pix is worth a 1000 words. great stuff! very telling comment on the state of things.

Sukku said...

Thank you.