Saturday, October 4, 2008

Are you judgemental?

Do you ever judge someone by what they wear, what they eat, how they talk, what car they drive, what is their colour of the skin, what is their race or religion and where they come from? I guess the list can go on and on, maybe it is infinite with what our mind can conjure up with. Why can't we just be a simple human being without clouding our memory with the past experience in attaching judgement on anything and everything that we come across.

Even by saying that we should be a simple human being is also being judgemental, am I not right in saying that. So what is it being a human being without judgement? Is it called unconditional love? Or be a bum or childlike without any worries?

Can we not judge and just experience our present moment without any of our senses interpreting on whatever we are doing. I guess we judge because we want to feel superior and be one up on anything that is alien to us. Am I right in saying this?

If only we could enjoy this moment without attaching any thoughts and accept whatever it is without being judgemental, would that be a better way of living, just letting life pass by and not taking responsibility for any action that would effect us, as we already know that "whatever is going to happen to us, would happen irrespective of our involvement". So why be judgemental!

So getting back to my point, are you judgemental, is so why?


sansmerci said...

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sansmerci said...

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Sukku said...

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