Friday, October 3, 2008

Still on a holiday mood

Well the first thing that I normally do when I get into my site cabin is switch on my Sony VAIO laptop and to my surprise, I couldn't get it switched on and I was staring at the blank screen for quite a while. I used the laptop this morning at home and everything seemed to be working fine and why this blank screen? I thought to myself, oh shit...I'm screwed and what am I going to do...send the brand new laptop to the service centre and what about all my important files that I didn't back up (lesson learnt...).

So I kept pressing the off button as I know the system was still running but Window's Vista was just not opening up. Then I heard the click sound and the system was switched off. After starting it again, a message comes up on the screen, saying that Window's would repair my system and also it was restored to the last working condition.

And now I am back in business and Norton Internet Security was giving me problem as I have 28 days more to renew and it wasn't updating the new anti-virus updates, anyway I got that solved and also activated Window's Defender for Malware protection. Anyway yesterday, I had bought "Kapersky Internet Security 2009" as an alternative to Norton. I know Norton is buggy and it cost more that Kapersky, which is gaining popularity, I have already installed the Kapersky on my Desk Top at home, last night. If Norton is going to keep bugging me to renew, then I am not going to wait for the 28 days to expire, maybe tonight I will uninstall Norton completely and get my new Anti-Virus installed.

But getting back to the point on the laptop giving me problem, God only knows, what it was. Could it be due to Norton? Anyway I am going to upload my files on Sky Drive by Windows live, whereby you can store upto 5 MB free.

With regards to the site, it looks pretty much like a holiday as most of the staff are on leave. So I guess I have to kill today and tomorrow for the weekend.

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