Monday, October 20, 2008

Bright and cheerful Monday morning

Guess you must be wondering how Monday could be cheerful, what happened to the Monday morning blues? It was raining very heavily last night and the weather is cool this morning and I had to wipe out the dew from my side mirrors on my car which I had parked outside as my wife parks her car in the porch. But somehow I woke up today with a nice feeling as I know it is a special day for me. I have my second round of interview at 2.30 p.m. with the Managing Director which I guess is a formality. So you see that's why I can't wait for the morning to fly past until lunch time and after that I can leave for the interview and hopefully get the deal signed off by today.

There are so many things that is going on my head, like when I should leave my present employment and I am eager to start 2009 with a new company as I know things are not very pleasant here with the corporate war that is going on and we are being dragged in.

What better way to start my morning then by listening to Baby Face & Des'ree singing "Fire" cause I think "I'm on Fire". I know I have not been blogging these few days as I have pasted a lot of other stuff that I have downloaded from the net just to be in the loop.

Yeah before I forget, last night I was watching this movie on DVD titled "Death Race", there was no storyline except racing and action all the way. Sometimes it's nice to be a little young at heart and watch trashy movies just to get the wild and reckless side of me to surface and the adrenalin flowing.

Let's see whats in store for me today and how the day unfolds. Here's to a fruitful week for you guys and take it easy as you have only one shot at life so make the most of it even though you have no choice in controlling the events.


The Insane Writer said...

How did the interview go?

Sukku said...

Well it went on well and I have posted a blog on it today. Thank you so much for asking me.