Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where is love, forgiveness and humanity?

This was taken from Deccan Chronicle Hyderabad Edition today and you tell me what's wrong with society? Is life so cheap and meaningless.

Mob kills thief for CD player


Hasagiri Mallesh, 26, of Chandrababunagar in Indrapuri area was beaten to death on Wednesday by residents of Nagaram and Indrapuri on charges of stealing a CD player and amplifier from the New Apostolic Church.

According to police, Mallesh, a habitual thief, stole a CD player from a church in Chandrababunagar on Sunday. Suspecting him, the local youth searched his house on Tuesday night and found the CD player. The youth then severely beat him up along with his father Satyanarayana. Later on, the local residents tied up the accused to a electrical pole and beat him again.

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