Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My water woes in Hyderabad

Saw this cartoon on Deccan Chronicle Hyderabad Edition dated 22.10.2008. It sure did remind me of my stay in Hyderabad. I stayed in a bungalow in Banjara Hills where I had my office in the Ground Floor and my residence on the 1st Floor. I actually didn't have water supplied by the utility company as my landlord didn't pay for the water bill and I had to call the tankers almost every 4 days for my water supply. The coordination was done by my servant and I would have this fear of waking one morning without water but things went on smoothly except when on one occasion the tanker drivers were on strike. I really had to ration water and it came to a stage where I had to use my 20 litres drinking water supplied in huge cannisters to have my bath (expensive bath though).

I remember after I shifted from Banjara Hills to Sainikpuri and I had water, plenty of it and all I have to do was switch on the pump for the well water. And the water was hard and I know how the feeling would be when you soap up and there is not much lather and you feel really not that fresh and your hair would be hard to comb (not that I have a lot).

Right now I am at home and how easy it is here in Kuala Lumpur, there is plenty of water everywhere and I have a shower for 30 minutes and I can drink right from the tap (I have the filter system installed). Guess the reason is simple as it rains here almost every other day and I am getting sick of seeing water everywhere.....


Shree said...

Some places in Hyd have water in surplus, others totally scarce. I mostly stay in B.hills or J.hills and hate the hard water there.

I don't know why that city can't strike a balance when it comes to water.

Sukku said...

I guess it is because of the density and if you look at B.Hills & J. Hills, they are pretty rocky and also it is really overcrowded.

They have look at laying some more pipe lines and tap the water from Godavari instead of Krishna which I think can't meet the demands for Hyd & Secunderabad.