Saturday, November 8, 2008

Corporate thieves

Which side are you on? The robber or the victim? Isn't this happening to us all over the corporate world today? We are bailing out someone's bad business judgement by using our hard earned cash as a tax payer.


Aleta said...

Grrrr... My father owns a company and we are doing what it takes to pay out the bank contract. We aren't looking for the government to bail us out.

This issue just annoys the daylights out of me. I could rant for a day and a half. But the best I can do is what I can ~ to be financially secure and make wise decisions.

Sukku said...

Well I believe the deserving company's are not being helped but only the politically linked companies.I'm sorry to hear about your dad's company. Over here my company is also having the same problem but then it was due to our own wrong doing by the previous management and the poor sub-contractors and purchasers can't do a thing against us as we are protected by law.