Saturday, November 1, 2008

Stage fright

Do you ever get stage fright? I have a meeting today and I have to chair the meeting between the  purchasers and developer. Well I represent the developer against maybe a bunch of angry purchasers. A lot of things is actually going around in my head:

What are they going to ask? 
What would their reaction be?  
What if their demand is unreasonable?
How would I handle angry purchasers?

I know the situation is explosive as we as developers had failed to deliver their houses for the past 3 years and it could be attributed to bad management by our former management and the new management that I represent is quite sincere in getting on with the job but the only crunch is that we have a very bad cash flow situation. And hence we have to appeal to the good senses of the purchasers in working with us as a team on a win-win formula.

We have identified a contractor willing to re-start the project again but now we have to get the "angry" purchasers to agree on some terms and conditions so that we can start work immediately otherwise I think all of us would have a slow death(project) or the situation would be "status quo".

So it all depends on how I am going to pull it off with them and I am really feeling jittery. I have conducted meetings, but never with the public and that also when it concerns their life savings.

So God, please help me. Let me come out of this in one piece.


Aleta said...

My prayers are with you. If I'm really nervous about a meeting, I'll practice in front of a mirror, to "feel" the eyes on me. Also, walk. Believe it or not, don't just stand still. Walking helped me, not pacing, but just a walk here and a walk there. You could even walk before the meeting, but I'm talking - walk during the meeting. I find that it helps to expel the nervous energy that stage fright causes. It also makes a person look a lot more relaxed, rather than someone who is stiff and constantly in one place. Just a though. Wishing you the best!

Sukku said...

Thank you Aleta...I have just another 4 hours to go...I just prepared my text just now...and the sad thing is I would be I can't walk to dispel my nervous energy...

Well here goes nothing......

Renu said...

I have lot of stage fright, even in the parties whever i used to anchor any programme, i will forget half the lines:)
But u need not to worry, once u start , the flow comes and worry goes;)

Sukku said...

Well I started the meeting this afternoon with the angry purchasers but it all went on smoothly...thank you for your advice