Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oh what a life!

Time seems to have lost it's meaning and I was busy with lots of things that is happening to me. First I got the news that I am finally approved as a Director for not only one subsidiary but two and also there was an increment as Directors fee and they are changing my Pajero to Nissan X-Trail but the only thing is that I didn't have the time to collect the car.

I also attended my second round of interview this morning with the CEO of the future company that I intend to join, possible posting at Sarawak (East Malaysia) or Abu Dhabi, just keeping my fingers crossed. This is the first company that I had gone for interview after I returned from Hyderabad India.

And with my present company, we are looking at re-structuring it and I have to play a major role in it and also I am hoping to get the other job soon. So I am waiting as either way it is a win-win situation.

I have been coming back home late due to the extra workload and also I have to make sure I am back by 9 p.m. as my son would be waiting for me to get his dinner. The weather has not been helpful as it has been raining very heavily for the past few days and the traffic gets real heavy and sluggish.

Hope to get some good news soon.


Anonymous said...

all the best sukku...did u get any new yet

Sukku said...

Well looks like I'm busy with my present job and I have a newer SUV X-Trail by Nissan and also made a Director for 2 company. So it looks like it's gonna be difficult to leave the present job and I also got an increment as Directors fee.