Friday, November 21, 2008

Time flies

I guess it is an apt title on what I am going to say. Time flies and I have actually lost track of it ever since I came back from Hyderabad and I have been as busy as a bee. I know I had a tough week after coming back from Hyderabad as when I was away, the evil gossip mongers had started their trade and the worst thing that I hate is when it happens within your organisation. I know we had a new contractor taking over our scope of work as directed by the Ministry of Housing but when the new contractor came in and I had made all arrangements for a smooth transition but there are those who would like to find faults in everything that has been done.

I received a nasty email from my HR on telling me what and how do things but I had send my reply back to the HR Department telling them not to interfere with the operations part of the work. You see the HR Department was acting on gossip that was spinned from my site and what I was pissed of was, why can't the HR Department call me even though I was away in another country to clarify whatever that was that they wanted to clarify with me.

Anyway I had identified the culprit and I am giving him the cold shoulder treatment, my policy is very simple, you mess with me, you better watch out. Otherwise, they take you for granted and to me an empty vessel makes the most noise and they are the gossip mongers.

Looks like I have deviated from what I set out to write, yes ...time that good or bad? I had a good piece of news today, signed up the papers to be a Director and hopefully my former Director won't place an injunction on that because he is on a rampage after losing the company.

Looks like I have to take things easy and find time.....


Reflections said...

Glad things worked out for is the new post in ur present company itself or are u changing jobs??

Sukku said...

The new post is my present company and I am waiting.