Monday, November 24, 2008

A different kind of weekend.

This weekend seemed to be different from the others as my wife had left for India on Saturday for 10 days and I had to be with son who is 16 years old. We had a quiet day on Saturday night, I had bought dinner outside and it was a simple "Char Keow Teow" and I bought 2 DVDs for the weekend. We watched "Taken" a movie about a kidnap by some Eastern Europe mobsters and trade them as prostitutes by making them become a junkie. This is the only time that I can watch my movie with the surround system volume louder that normal (as my wife doesn't approve it when she is here). And I was watching it with Jack Daniels(again another disapproval) for company and the movie was about the father(parent) who would do anything for his daughter whom he loved so much. The hero was Liam Neeson and I would recommend this movie if you are a thriller buff.

Well Sunday was a quiet day too, got up and I had my breakfast of 2 slices of bread and later I got some "nasi lemak" for breakfast for my son. We went out shopping late in the morning, I bought bread, cooked salami, breakfast ham, fruit juice,cup noodles, other korean and chinese noodles for my son so that he can have his lunch over the weekday as I was would be in my office. We had our lunch together at an Indian restaurant "Kanna Curry House" and it was served on banana leaf, my son had fried sears fish,tofu and I had mutton "varuwal" with the usual rice, vege, rasam and curry of your choice.

Now I guess I know what it feels like being a single parent and there are a lot of responsibility and work to do. I have to take out the garbage and make sure that everything is spick and span like washing all the dishes. I guess my wife deserved the break and I really appreciate what she does in order to keep everything well oiled in the house without complaining (she was like the anti-virus in the background keeping everything in order).

With regards to my son, I have no problem with him as he does his own stuff and since it is his school holidays, he spend most of the time playing games on the internet, he also reads his novels. My wife had washed and ironed all my clothes for the next 10 days and I guess I have enough for 20 days or more.

Well I have stated reading a book by Obama titled "Audacity of Hope" and it is a best seller. So far the book is okay. This morning I left early for work and I know it would be another hectic day for me. The weather is fine outside as it has been raining most of the night and it is pretty cool, not good for a construction man as it would hamper some of my works.

I hope the week would be smooth and I can't wait to get back to my books at night as I intend to finish the Obama's book by this weekend.


Reflections said...

Sounds idyllic....
And u r so right....when the better half is not around to take care of 'the usual stuff that they do', it is only then we appreciate their value. Me thinks there should be checks like this from time to time.
This view includes for both husbands & wives:-)

Sukku said...

Thats a good suggestion and I can already feel the strain and also my other half went to India but she didn't take her mobile phone so it makes it very difficult to call her whenever I want to as I can only track her to a fixed line which is not mobile. Anyway I do hope she gets to do all the stuff she had set out to do and see all her relatives as it has been a while (5 years) since she visited India. Me and my son we are surviving on bread, cup noodles and Pizza(hope to lose some weight).