Sunday, November 9, 2008

Leaving for Hyderabad

I would be leaving for Hyderabad tonight for about 5 days and I guess I am going to be in isolation from the rest of the world during these gruesome days. Not that Hyderabad doesn't have any internet connection but I am going to be staying in my old house and since I wasn't around for three months, most of my accounts has been disconnected or suspended for:

1. Tatasky (Satellite TV)
2. Airtel post paid mobile number
3. Tata USB Modem
4. My company car Insurance & quarterly road tax.

Sounds bad huh! It's like I will be transported back to the stone ages. The positive thing that I have is my laptop and DVD player with lots of my old collection of DVD. Anyway I still can access to the internet at my accountants office, if I am there. With regards to my mobile phone, I am using my Malaysian number which is roaming but would cost me a bomb to call anyone in Hyderabad as I know how the guys in Hyderabad would like to yak, yak and yak.

As for my transport during my stay, I am going to hire a car to get me around in Hyderabad as I am staying quite far away in Sainikpuri in Secunderabad. I am not going to risk driving the existing company Scorpio and God only knows whether I can dispose of the car within these next few days. Otherwise the car goes to my accountant and he has to figure out a way to dispose it (not by burning I hope).

I have to clear all my office files as my accountant is willing to store it in his ofice. Last on my list is that I have to clear all the other items(bed, air-con, etc...) in the house. So it's going to be a helluva working week for me and given the choice I rather be at home, hoping that everything in life gets reformatted by itself.

By the way I won't be blogging for about a week and I hope to be back by next Sunday. Yeah since I am going to be Hyderabad, can anyone suggest a good book for me, which has to be a must read book because I love to buy books in Hyderabad.


Aleta said...

I hope your stay is productive. Sometimes I think the Internet and advances that are available to us are the things that pull us away from important things in life. It might be great for you ~ to disconnect and reconnect to other aspects. It's all about being open to various possibilities.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

It seems you are suffering from a severe case of blog-addiction with acute symptoms of blog-withdrawal. Have Hyderabadi biriyani (from Biriyani House?),yummy dosas (at Chutneys?, and do come back back soon with lots of anecdotes and insights.

Sukku said...

@Aleta: My trip was rather hectic and I manage to do all the stuff that I had planned for and I also had time to finish a book titled "The white Tiger" by Aravind Adiga (Booker Man prize winner for 2008)- believe me it was a relief to be disconnected from everything and I am back at home getting connected.

Sukku said...

@ sucharita sarkar: Looks like I got detoxified of my blog addition in Hyderabad. I am cured now and this afternoon I was reading a book instead of being on the net.

I had Hyderabadi briyani in AS Rao Nagar and after that I guess I would give up eating at Hyderabad House as the service was dead slow like the waiters. I didn't have time for dosas but I made up for it by being a faith full customer of Domino's pizza and KFC. I flew back home in one piece and I slept through the flight except to get up for the meals and I was sitting next to a lady with a noisy baby and even that could not keep me awake as I was dead tired.