Saturday, October 18, 2008

My son has Chicken Pox

For the past couple of days it had been very hectic for me as my son is having Chicken Pox and he is in Moscow doing his first year medical. It is full blown and I can feel the loneliness that he is undergoing as a first year student. He is just 18 and this is the first time that he is away from home and my wife wanted me to make a trip to Moscow to see him. But somehow we managed to get our niece (who has done her MD and now doing specialisation) to visit him and get some medication for him. I know he is finding it tough as everything is in Russian and his room-mates find it difficult communicating to the pharmacist in getting the right medicine.

I did speak with the Doctor in charge of the Malaysian students there (our agent) and he suggested that he should be hospitalised for 2 weeks because that's what they do for Chicken Pox cases. Anyway we decided against it and we are talking to my son everyday and he is doing okay now and I guess he needs another 4-5 days of rest. I know he is missing his classes and my wife is worried sick on his health and also on his food.

From what I know a couple of the first year students had Chicken Pox and he got it from one of them. Being a parent and being helpless in not being able to do anything for him is very hard for me to digest, even though Chicken Pox is one of those thing that you have to go through. My prayers are always with him for a speedy recovery.


The Insane Writer said...

I am sorry to hear that your son has Chicken Pox, but it's good to know that he is getting better. Thank You for visiting my blog, btw. You really should take a vacation. It has been about 15 or so years since I have taken a real vacation!!! I'm way overdue! lol

Sukku said...

I should thank you for the visit too. Yes I should take a vacation but somehow I keep posting it, I was on an overseas posting for the last 6 years and finally I am back and looks like I am going to change my job soon and there goes my keep visiting

Sugar said...

Sorry abt that...though I'd think its better to finish off with the chicken pox as a kid...heard that it gets worse when it hits adults..
silver lining u!!!

Sukku said...

Thanks for visiting my blog edita and I know it's good when they get it young, now that is getting me worried as I still haven't got chicken pox yet at this old age and my wife told me to get the jabs since we were aware of the chicken pox (not that I would get from my son who is in Russia). Maybe I'll get a shot next month because I always keep postponing things due to my work.