Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend writing

The internet connection at office is off from morning and I felt handicapped as though a part of my limp was severed. Nothing much happened all morning at my site (even in the afternoon) and we are waiting for some issues to be resolved which mainly boils down to money and I know how difficult it is if we don’t have any of that stuff to get things moving. I get calls from my sub-contractors and from the purchasers asking me when we can kick-start our project and honestly I have no answer for them as I know we are doing our best.

A very candid question that I had to answer during my job interview (last week) was when they asked me what my job scope is? It may sound very simple but how do I tackle this, when my job is to coordinate works but with the current financial crisis that my company is facing, there is nothing to coordinate, only fire fighting and to attend meetings after meetings with no viable solution but only hopes that things would work out better.

Leaving that aside, I have hopefully my fingers crossed again for another interview lined up next week. The reason why I am attending interviews is that I think my company has come to the end of it existence (hopefully not) as we are like a fish out of water. I have to start looking for that umbrella now rather than later, as sooner or later, someone might place a winding up petition and then it would be too late for me to demand anything from any other company as I would not be in the driver’s seat (like they say beggar’s have no choice).

I had a chance to read Robin Sharma’s book this morning “The Greatness Guide” and I felt like sharing something that I read in his book on a chapter titled “Became an inspirational human being”;

We can curse the darkness or we can light a candle. And our world needs more light. Shine. Today.

I am actually seeking for that candle rather than to sit in the darkness that I am surrounded with the present situation at my company. They say think positive, but when you place all your facts on the plate and see that there is nothing of substance available I have to change my mindset and get up from my comfort zone because “change is inevitable” and it seems apt for me to apply it urgently.

I was reading a blog yesterday, where someone wrote or rather questioned that why should we ever do anything when everything is already written for us in our palms. I wish it was that simple but sometimes I tend to agree with that statement as I know that the flow of events in my life was flowing all the way as though it was scripted. And I am playing my part and right now I am waiting for the arrival of my new script for the future events to unfold.

Do you ever get that feeling? Feel like sharing what your script had in store for you.


Reflections said...

Just hang in there....things will click into place.
hmmm....abt our life's flow being scripted from before is something to ponder over.
Here's wishing everything happens just the way u hope it to.
All the Best!!!!

Sukku said...

Thank you and I have my next interview lined up on Thursday morning.