Monday, June 16, 2008


Being familiar with a place for quite some time I am sure we would get attached to it. I have been in India for fairly a good of life, it started off when I came to this country in 1979 for my pre-university with ideas of doing medical studies but things didn’t work the way I wanted and after my higher secondary exams and based on that results I was nominated by the Central Government of India under the Foreigners quota to do my Engineering at a place called Warangal in Andhra Pradesh at Regional Engineering College. During my year admission to IIT’s was through our Government and I was very reluctant to do Civil Engineering and thought of joining the college and maybe try for medicine. But things don’t work out that way and I ended up graduating with a B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering. So I had spent a great deal of time in India then, say 7 years (2 in Chennai and 5 in Warangal) and I was happy to head home but with a sad heart as the best part of life was in campus and I was worried whether I could fit into the Malaysian society.

I did just fine, started working in Singapore for 3 years and after that in Malaysia and I was not destined to be stationed at home. I was in the East Coast for 3 years and then in North Malaysia for 1 year and even when I was in Kuala Lumpur, my working hours were crazy. I get in to work by 8.00 a.m. and sometimes finish off by midnight. During the boom time in Kuala Lumpur work was on a hectic pace and everything had to be finished like yesterday. And for 2 years of my life in Kuala Lumpur I was busy with my M.B.A and I lock myself up at home after work so that I can complete my studies and I am glad that I got my degree but then again it was like being at home spiritually and not physically.

Then in October 2002, I was posted to Hyderabad, a place in India from the state where I had graduated my Engineering. Now after about nearly 5 years plus and I am heading for home and I would be running down to another continent altogether, Africa.
So I guess attachment is a loose term for me, I was never really attached anywhere and I know it would be difficult to leave Hyderabad as I have spent nearly 12 years of my life in India. Is it Karma or something that is attracting me to India, I know my great grandfather was from India.

Over the years I have seen my children growing up and before I could realize it my first boy would be leaving for his further studies to Russia and what would his conception of his father be. The reason why I am away from home is for a better living standard so that I could afford sending my children overseas for their further studies. I only hope that they do understand that my detachment is actually my way of securing a better future for them.


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