Sunday, June 1, 2008

On my holidays

Yes I am at home in Kuala Lumpur on my holidays and I have become so lazy even to blog. So today I told myself on this Sunday morning, while having a cup of tea that I would post some comments on my friends blogs which is in my favourites. And I did that this morning.

I missed my semi-finals IPL cricket last night and I hope that CSK would have beated Mohali. I know I can check for the scores on the net but I would like to be in that space at least until I get the newspaper.

My wife is in the living room watching CNN and reminding me to get the breakfast and newspaper, and now I am thinking to myself, was being in Hyderabad a holiday for me?


Shree said...

Being in Hyd always feels like a holiday for me too.

Also, blogrolled your blog :)

Sukku said...

Thank you Shree...I am in KL now and would be back in Hyderabad on 09.06.08.

Bye and take care.