Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What a view?

It looks beautiful right and it also cost a bomb staying here in this beautiful Hotel in Mumbai. The food is superb and the service is impeccable. Well I guess I won't name the Hotel as then it would be free publicity to them right. It is a breathe of fresh air compared to the maddening chaotic rush with the traffic jams in Mumbai. Well this Hotel is rated five star and it is very close to the Mumbai International Airport. It belongs to the Sheraton group and that's about all the information that I am giving and if you are from Mumbai I am sure you would have guessed the Hotel's name by now.

I remember I had my lunch in the city in a Goan restaurant and I had Bombay Duck which I guess is made off salted fish and the stuffing was in a crab shell, boy it was good. On my other trip to this Bollywood capital, I had the local fish curry which instead of using tamarind, they had used some sort of berry to give that sour taste and it was heavenly.


Shree said...

These pictures seem to have been taken from very nice angles :)

Sukku said...

Well they were taken from the upper floor where we stayed and I always carry my camera along. I was impressed with the lobby.