Friday, June 27, 2008

Haircut revisited

Yes such a sport span of time and I had to go for another haircut, the last was in Kuala Lumpur and the barber was from India and here in India I got the real deal with the full package, the barber with the bad B.O but I can't complain as he is a very good barber. He skillfully searched for my hair and also suggested that I should dye my hair with natural colour so that the volume increases maybe to give an illusion that I have a full crop of hair. I turned him down as I am happy with whatever I am having now, it's thinning on the top and back and maybe give that wise look.

The reason why I go to the barber is to actually get my grey hairs reduced, as you see I am getting my greys only at the sideburns and when they grow, they seem to be having an unruly growth. Then there are a few strands of grey in my moustache which I would also like to remove and trim my moustache otherwise I would look like the fiery Hyderabad constable. I tried shaving it 5 months back and I have taken a photo of myself and boy I couldn't recognise myself so I let it grow and maybe when it really turns grey then I might reconsider removing it.

Well the trip to barber shop cost me Rs 90(USD 2.25) and I leave a tip of Rs 20(USD 0.50) and the barber saloon is in uptown Banjara Hills with air-condition and a clean environment. I bet you won't get your haircut any cheaper than this in a five star environment. Ah...the little pleasures of Hyderabad.

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