Tuesday, May 6, 2008

3 column blogger template

This afternoon I tried my hands on changing my 2 column template into a 3 column template that I seem to have a fancy for as it looks great. I saved my old settings and ventured into the unknown territory as I am not an IT geek (maybe a dinosaur). I was refering to a blog site which shows you how to go about doing it. And I messed it up. I wish there was a simpler way to go about doing this (anyone to help me on this).
So what I did was change my previous template (minima)to the current one which is "minima blue" and it looks cool. Don't you think so?
Maybe I should just keep my fingers to myself and be satisfied with what I have. It's the contents that matters, and not the appearance. The sad thing though, there are not many hits on my blogs and that seem to be a wee bit depressing (not that I am contemplating suicide).
Unlike my blogs in Opera, where I had a lot of hits and have many friends there, I wanted to venture in greener pastures but it doesn't seem to look that green yet (ah, it is summer here).
Patience, that's what I myself and maybe the traffic would flow this way (keeping my fingers and everything crossed).
I added a couple of widgets and wanted to add one on "no copying of this blog" but then some of my stuff is taken from the net and who am I kidding. I decided against it and if anybody wants to copy my stuff, just go ahead and leave a footnote on your blog thanking me for it.
If there is any other stuff that I can add to my blog template, please do me a favour and let me know about it and I would thank you for it in my blogs and maybe recommend you for the noble
bloggers award.

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