Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well this photo was taken at Golconda Fort at Hyderabad. It's a beautiful fort but the photo that I loved most was the one where there were I guess hundreds or maybe more of bats on the ceiling and you can hear the buzz and see all that bat droppings on the ground, which by the way has a very peculiar smell. You might feel scared being under them after watching a lot of dracula movies, one never knows which bat is going bite you for it's dinner and turn you into a vampire. Anyway I enjoyed taking the photo and it turned out pretty well and the white dots are the bat's eyes. Hope you like the photo.


The_Sphinx's World said...

Bats are scary! Sorry, but I don't want want to be in a place where hundreds of bats reside.

But your picture is great!

Sukku said...

Thank you and I cherish this photo as I know it was scary photographing them as when the flash goes, the bats would be angry as they are sensitive to light.